Thursday, 4 March 2010

1965 Airline Bobkat

Airline Bobkat 1965

I really like the shape of this vintage Airline Bobcat, though I'm not so sure that you can really call it an Airline Bobcat: it seems that the model is originally a Harmony H14 Bobcat that was reissued as Airline 7250 - another complicated intertwining brands issue typical of the 60s (maybe future guitar historians will feel the same about the guitars of the 10s cheap Chinese era).

I've never played a guitar with a single pickup in the middle of the body but it feels right, though information I've had so far about nodal points (where the strings vibrates at their best and the pickups should be) is always confused and contradictory...

So any comments about Harmony/Airline and nodal points/central pickup issues are welcome!

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