Monday, 8 March 2010

Jerry Jones Danelectro Longhorn Baritone Doubleneck

danelectro longhorn doubleneck

Yes, this guitar is everything the title of this post says: a Danelectro model reissued by Jerry Jones Guitars (who started to build Danelectro models when the brand had disappeared for almost 3 decades - with the claim of actually upgrading them) in 1987, a longhorn guitar - one of the coolest design ever, and quite interesting in term of ergonomics (I'm a longhorn player myself) - and a doubleneck guitar with a baritone neck (only Danelectro and Gretsch do that if I'm not wrong), that is to me the sensible thing to have for a doubleneck guitar...

For those who never played a Danelectro, it's quite an minimalist experience when you're used to heavy body heavy gear guitars, and the lipstick pickups have an unique sound... This is an instrument I'd definitly play, if I could find it with a regular black finish and not this hideous 'copperburst' disaster...

Why, but why do they spoil guitars with these ugly finishes (this applies to several earlier posts too)?


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