Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ibanez Destroyer II with Japanese war flag finish

ibanez destroyer

After my last post, I was wondering what kind of variations of Explorers exist.
The first guitar that comes to my mind is the Ibanez Destroyer II - and I've been lucky to find this 1984 model, with a very 80s Japanese war flag paintwork that gives exactly the feeling of what this guitar meant to be...

Ibanez started to make Explorer models in the mid-70s - already called Destroyers, they were exact copies of Gibsons. In 1980 they issued the Destroyer II with slight variations from the original model, but enough to give it a real personality, with a minimal recall of the famous Iceman in the lower horn...

I think its design is very outdated, but it might soon become a vintage guitar (though it's been regularly reissued since) with a sought after cool retro feel of the time when guitarists wore tennis head- and wristbands (I hated that at the time, we postpunks hugely despised glam-metal trend).

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  1. From France ; ) Funny, I have create this design for Ibanez, I always have the prototype, dedicated by Mike Shimada become a president of Ibanez USA.....



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