Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Acrylic BC Rich Ice Mockingbird

mockingbird lucite

You can consider - like I do - that BC Rich mostly makes guitars that nobody can appreciate  after 15 year old when you get rid of your plastic monster action figures... Nevertheless their first guitars issued in the 70s  had quite revolutionary design and stay alternative classics, like the Bich and the Mockingbird

Here is an Ice Mockingbird, the acrylic version of a remarkable guitar (from BC Rich's Acrylic Series). Acrylic body guitars have their pros and cons, I never played one so I cannot tell about the sound (acrylic's high density provides purity and sustain they say) but the visual effect is undeniable. That's probably the sign of the quality of its design, it can stand endless finish variations...

This guitar was never released out of the USA, so here is one available in Germany...

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