Tuesday, 30 March 2010

"Rhino" headless guitar by Jeffrey Schreckengost

The guitar pictured above is a headless hollow instrument which uses a knot in the wood to form the soundhole. Called the Rhino, it is one of a number of guitars built by artist Jeffrey Schreckengost. You'll see if you click through on that link that he's built some other weird and wonderfully eccentric guitars including a shortscale 2-string fretless bass and a five-string baritone guitar.

The Rhino was built for David Kuzy, guitarist of noise rock ensemble Microwaves, who says about the guitar:
"I think the dark wood is walnut. The lighter wood looks like mahogany, but I am not sure. The neck came from a Squier Tele that I bought at a flea market.

"The fit and finish isn't as nice as some fancier guitars I own (Teuffel/Scott French) but it is definitely playable and a lot of fun. There is no volume control, just a momentary on/off switch.

"I didn't know this guitar was being built for me, I went to an art opening Jeff has with his wife, featuring his guitars and her photos, and he told me he was giving it to him in return for a bunch of random parts I had given him over the years."
Thanks for sharing that with us, David. It's just the sort of oddball instrument that we enjoy looking at here at Guitarz.

G L Wilson

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