Monday, 17 May 2010

3000! ...and a rather nice Fender Mustang in orange
First of all let me apologize for the sparsity of posts over the last few days. Unfortunately, I have been very busy elsewhere - as has Bertram - and have just not been able to commit any time to the blog.

This is in fact quite a milestone of a post, being our 3000th blog posting here on Guitarz! I did have something rather special lined up for the occasion, but unfortunately I have not had the time to prepare the necessary materials.

So, instead please feast your eyes on the above-pictured Fender Mustang circa 1968 which is finished in orange, not a Fender colour I've seen before, and with the competition stripe.

G L Wilson

Guitarz - The Original Guitar Blog - now in its 9th year!

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