Friday, 14 May 2010

Gordon Giltrap's doubleneck electric/acoustic 12/6-string
Hello again.

See the attachment. I found out that this photo of 12/6 strings acoustic/electric gtr is from Visionary album cover but what is this model?


Ah yes, I remember watching a TV programme back in the day, on which Gordon Giltrap was a guest and was showing some of his guitars including this very doubleneck. I remember this like it was yesterday, because I was at my grandmother's house and her sister was also there, and they were saying "Oooh, I've never seen one like that before!", and I was like "Yeah, I've seen doublenecks."

Anyway, you didn't ask for my family reminiscences. The guitar is, I believe, a one-off by the luthier John Bailey. If you do a Google search for "Gordon Giltrap doubleneck", John Bailey is the name that keeps cropping up, so I'm pretty sure that's what this one is.

If any Giltrap fans know otherwise, then please let us know!

G L Wilson

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