Saturday, 1 May 2010

1961 Ekomaster 400 2 in hazel finish


In complete contradiction with my previous post, I'm happy to show now another beautiful vintage Ekomaster 400 in astonishing hazel finish. Like many European guitar companies of the 60s, Eko was before entering the guitar age an accordion company, so it would never have come to their mind to make a guitar with a natural wood finish, and favored sparkle celluloid, fiberglass and other artificial materials and finishes, so this hazel finish is obviously plastic faux-wood - hence the pristine look of this 50 years old guitar...

The two pickups with visible polepieces, black headstock with 6-in-line tuners and hardtail say it's a late 1961 model. According to where I picked this information, though it's been built less than 2 years, the Eko 400 was very influential by spreading the Fender Jazzmaster body design in Europe...

This guitar reminds me of the Formica plated sculptures of Richard Artschwager, one of the most important and most underrated pop/op artist of the XXth century... Also of the kitchen table of my grandmother actually!


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