Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Thomas Silver's Custom Yamahas

Here's another email from Thomas Silver who wanted to show us the above-pictured goodies:
Hi. Just checked your latest Yamaha post on the great blog!

Cant help myself sending these. I was the first Scandinavian who got a full international sponsorship deal from Yamaha when I was in Hardcore Superstar. This is what I custom ordered from them.

All freebies...

First the Silver Sparkle SG with silver and cherry blossom inlay.

Then the 3 pup cream white SG with the wheel from the Roma flag. (Yes I am Gypsy).

And last the all gold 1 pup SG, 24 frets, all mahogany and with the Roma wheel again. They asked if I wanted Gibson custom shop pups cuz that's what they used for the custom shop?

I said, sure!

The gold one sounds so freakin' good...

Have it nice and keep up the always great work with the blog... very inspiring indeed.

Thomas Silver
Hey, Thomas. Thanks for sharing those - it's great to see these one-off guitars from your collection.

G L Wilson

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  1. Seeing that these Yamaha SG's are so insanly priced, with no entry level models, - do anyone know of clones? I been searching the interweb for kits, but there seems to be a strong patent. Or low in demand. Either way, -Yamaha looking SG's are thin on the ground.
    I would be happy to find an option for this bodytype elsewhere. No way I'm paying that sick retail price.



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