Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Migma violin bass

migma violin bass
A semi-hollow violin-shaped made in DDR vintage bass, this Migma jewel has everything to be loved (at least by me). On the top on that, the moon crescent sound-holes are beautiful and the guan dao shaped pickguard is terrific.

it's a pity that its eBay seller pretends that it's an exceptional bass. As much I do love this kind of instruments and would be delighted to add it to my collection, as much I know being a Musima bass and guitar player (Migma was a sub-brand of Musima) that they don't have the best sound. They are extremely cool but they are not at the level of the acoustic instruments built at the same time by the same companies - it's a question of culture, electrified pop music wasn't a priority in communist countries! 

On the other hand, I have no idea of how good the 60s Italian guitars were - maybe one should make a comparative test one day!

Anyway, this bass is definitely cool, if every reader of this blog would send me 1€, I would buy it right away!


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