Friday, 21 May 2010

1952 Gibson L-7C

Gibson L 7C

A queen amongst the acoustic archtop guitars I love so much, the Gibson L-7C is a version of the classic L-7 with a round venetian cutaway, and is still in production since its released in 1949 - claiming for some reason to be one of the few non electrified acoustic archtop guitar built nowadays, like it's the best idea they ever had.

Anyway, that's why this 1952 one has been upgraded, probably in the 60s, with a DeArmond pickup. The honey-blonde finish fits particularly to this model, much better than the usual sunburst, as it allows to perceive at the first glance its elegant and structural simplicity.

Look at it people, this one is supposed to be one of the best guitars in history!


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