Sunday, 30 May 2010

1967 Guyatone LG-350T Sharp 5


I've wanted to show this Guyatone LG-350 T Sharp 5 for a while now but couldn't find a good opportunity so far... Today I was happy to find this one in an elegant metallic dark blue (standard finish of the model it seems) that really enhances its very special line combining vintage Japanese pointy horns, German carve and Jaguaresque asymmetric curves. Other interesting features are the big vintage tremolo (I'm a fan) and the pickguard and its elegant curls covering the whole front of the guitar...

The Sharp 5 was a famous Japanese surf band of the 60s for which this guitar was created. Though I love these kinds of guitars, for a continental European like me, surf music is an enigma, I only heard of that because of Pulp Fiction's soundtrack and cannot make the difference with rock...

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