Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Another Weller guitar with a special design

weller 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a cool shaped Weller guitar, knowing nothing about this brand. A few comments indicated that it's a German company importing Chinese cheapos, though this kind of business - there are a lot in Germany - usually focuses on standard designs (actually many main American companies do the same!)

Here is another Weller, with a much more bizarre shape and quite special hardware, not the kind you find on common cheap guitars... Also I disagree with the easy cliché that makes a guitar made in China obligatorily a bad guitar. If it was the case, most of the big brands would have to acknowledge that they produce shit. Also the same was said about Japanese guitars 30 years ago and now they are super cool vintage collectors. And I bought a 40€ SG last year for a project and it has a very honorable sound, absolutely playable and well finished... People will have to admit that we are in a new guitar era and the time of super expensive handmade in the USA guitars is behind...

Anyway, I still have to get objective information about this Weller brand from someone who played one of their guitars for real, and I appreciate the design attempt, not really successful though, but a nice try (I know also about unplayable Chinese guitars with stupid designs, I don't say that everything produced there is perfect!).

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