Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gretsch G6196T Country Club reissue

Gretsch Bono

And another classy one with a venetian cutaway: this is the ultra-classic Gretsch Country Club G6196T, a hollow-body electric archtop guitar with two pickups and the longest lasting model from Gretsch, this one in Cadillac Green finish, with a Bigsby trem and DeArmond singlecoils.

It's supposed to be noticeable for being played my Mister Bono but if there is a band of which I couldn't ever listen to a single note, it's U2 (except a few bars from an intro of one song used in Pillow Book of Peter Greenaway in the catwalk scene - but Greenaway is a man of good taste who cut the song after 10 seconds).

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