Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hoyer Special jazz guitar
This Hoyer Special dating from 1957 immediately struck me as being very odd, as essentially it appears to be an acoustic jazz guitar with a tremolo.

However, of course, this guitar would have originally had a pickup. I guess the volume and tone controls would have been mounted on the pickguard (also missing here) because from what I can make out from the poor photos, there are no appropriate holes in the body for them.

It's an attractive guitar from the highly-arched front and back, the over-large catseye soundholes and deep single cutaway, through to the large inlaid headstock with its fancy tuner buttons.

I'd thought that Hoyer were a name from the past, but it seems they are still a going concern and have a brand new range of models for 2010. See

G L Wilson

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