Friday, 3 December 2010

Bjurmark Cello Guitar Electric Vintage Weird Strange

After Gavin's comment the other day about not seeing many violin shaped guitars I did little (soul) searching and came up with this... Not exactly a violin shaped guitar...

Every now and then we come across something that most people would definitely call weird. Well this is no exception. A weird guitar with a wonderful story. This what the seller says...
"I took this one in on trade. I hope the pictures speak for themselves, I'm not sure what to say about it. It's definitely unusual. Some of the parts seem to be made by Hofner. Looks like some luthiers labor of sick and twisted love. Well made. Everything works. I plugged it in. Its not great sounding, but the whole thing is pretty weird, maybe you'll like it. Please dont bid just to try it out and see if you like it. Hopefully you know what it is if you bid. It comes with a cello case that fits it perfectly, like a cello bag I guess. Will be expertly packed for safe transport. Email any questions, thanks for looking!"
It has 7 bids as I write so there is some interest. In fact I'm interested (not enough to buy it though) so I Googled the name to see if there's any info on it and it seems to have sparked a sleuth-like internet hunt back in June of this year. One of the most interesting articles comes from a veritable Sherlock Holmes of the guitar, Scott Craggs on his blog. Not only is there a back and forth email conversation about this obscure guitar maker from Babylon, Long Island, New York, but also some great photos of some of his other guitars.

David in Barcelona patiently awaiting the delivery of two lovely old/new guitars.

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