Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Retrofit 80s Japanese Stratoïd

If the 1960s have been the time of wild creativity for Japanese guitars and the 1970s radically the contrary - the law-suit era when Japanese companies released copies of the US guitars better than the originals, the 1980s seem to have been the time of solid no-nonsense guitars that would allow Japan to establish a strong base for the coming (and profitable) metal era.

It's the case for this guitar of unknown brand - unknown because it's been strongly retrofitted.  The removal of the lack finish reveals the neck-through construction of the strat-like ash body - everything else is replacement: the GFS power rail humbuckers, the SG-style pickguard, the kind of tele knob plate next to the strat jack input...

For some reason I like this modest guitar - nothing like the extravagances I usually favor, maybe because it reminds me somehow of my good old Kawai Aquarius... 


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  1. I am a bit late but i saw almost the same guitar(at least the wooden part) circa 2015 in Le Bon Coin (the french classified website). The guitar was branded "Country" wich was to my knowledge made by Matsumoku.



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