Sunday, 5 December 2010

Conrad/Crown Bass VI (or baritone guitar if you prefer)
One of the many things I've been learning from the years of compiling this blog is that there were a lot more companies producing Bass VI guitars in the 1960s than just Fender and Danelectro.

This particular Japanese-made example from 1965 bears the Crown brand insignia on the headstock, although the seller (lawman-mike - who certainly seems to know his stuff) tells us that it is a Conrad. It has a 27" scale length, four pickups with attendant rocker switches, a whammy bar (which looks to be all present and correct, and big pointy body horns that you might expect to see on a Burns.

He does, however, refer to it as a baritone guitar and says that: "They are tuned B to B instead of E to E". Well, that's all dependent on the strings you use. It almost certainly would have been strung E to E originally. (Unless you know differently.)

G L Wilson

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  1. Have had one of these since I bought it used in Hollywood sometime around 1967. Mine never had a logo on it, and no mrkings other than a pencil scribble on the body.Mine however, has a more Conrad like bridge and tremolo.



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