Monday, 9 April 2012

1978 Gibson ES-175 CC with Charlie Christian pickup

Words fail me... My heart is pounding as I contemplate the ravishing lines of this Gibson ES-175 in dark walnut finish (I understand that in reality it's darker than on the photos, so it's on the edge of transparent black), sporting a Charlie Christian rail pickup, bound in white as are the scratch plate and the pickup...

We've seen a similar ES-175 CC a few months ago (follow the link for more information), but its sunburst finish couldn't let its perfect beauty come through! This one has a tune-o-matic bridge - cannot tell if it's a different model or it it's been upgraded (I wouldn't really trust a wooden bridge, tradition can be OK, but not at the price of tone).

I'm sure that most people would use it for mellow jazz, but for me this kind of guitars deserves a cranked up fuzz box and a huge tube amp and to sing a Richard Wagner opera!

Bertram D

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  1. Hi,
    I also have one (in walnut finish) and its a great guitar for many styles from Rock'n'Roll to country to Blues to Jazz. The pickup is a bit noisey so you have to take care of your position relative to the amp while playing.

    Rupert Pfeiffer



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