Saturday, 21 April 2012

Never mind the paisleys, here's a 1960s Julio Giulietti/Goya psychedelic flower-power guitar

We've all seen Fender's pink paisley and blue floral finishes from the late 1960s (and various Japanese-made re-issues since the 1980s) but Fender were not the only guitar manufacturer to produce a psychedelically-finished guitar for the flower power generation.

This is an Italian-made Julio Giulietti semi-hollowbody electric with a particularly striking floral finish. If anything, the finish is ahead of that of Fender's paisley/floral designs; note that the edges of the material under the lacquer are not hidden with a bursting effect of a solid colour, not to mention the fact that this is no slab bodied Tele, and that the material has to fit snugly around the contours of an archtop design. The flower power print is on fabric applied to the body (unlike Fender's which were basically wallpaper), sealed beneath a clear coat.

Whether or not you'd be comfortable playing a flowery guitar (I can imagine the "real men don't play guitars covered in flowers" comments), I think this is quite a stunning vintage piece. I'm not saying I'd play it myself; it's perhaps a little overly "festive" for my tastes, but you can't deny that it's eye-catching!

Currently being offered for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $2,499.99.

G L Wilson

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