Saturday, 28 April 2012

Technical problems...

Whoops... It seems that in updating the blog template last night I managed to lose the Echo/JS-Kit comments. I do have them saved in an XML file but so far I have been unsuccessful in loading them into Blogger's own comments system.

The thing is, even if I hadn't updated the template, we cannot go on using the  Echo/JS-Kit comments as they are being discontinued soon.  I know it's annoying - we had some really good discussions going on in the comments under many of the blog posts, and as I say, I do have the XML file containing all the comments so perhaps we'll be able to work out a way of somehow re-integrating them into the blog (any technical wizards - please get in touch!).

Another technical hitch I am having is with PhotoBucket which is currently not working. I use a PhotoBucket Pro Account to host photographs rather than Blogger's own photo hosting because of the sheer number of posts - the space allocated by Blogger would simply not be enough.

So, please accept my apologies and be patient - I'll try posting a "proper" guitar post later on tonight.

In the meantime, please get using the new Blogger commenting system - we may as well get started on it!

G L Wilson

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  1. It'd certainly be a shame to lose all the many interesting things that have been contributed through the comments. On the bright side, the new template's looking sharp.

  2. I know... Don't think I haven't agonised over it. However, I don't think the format of the Echo/JS-Kit comments XML file is compatible with the Blogger system.

    When I first installed the comments (which was HaloScan back then, before they were taken over by Echo) there was no Blogger commenting option. I just wanted to clear that up for people who might wonder why we didn't use Blogger comments from the get go. This is one of the problems of being such an old blog!

  3. Ah I can log in much easier now in fact automatically as I'm already logged in to google. lately it has been a bit hit and miss. and quite often the page just crashes and I've had to restart explorer.
    New Design looks very nice too

  4. Do you know the file type compatible with the Blogger system? Is it possible amongst the innumerable file converters around that there's one to convert the XML into a usable format?

  5. The Echo comments never showed comments for me, now that the blog has changed I can see the comments again.

  6. It would be a shame to loose all those old comments. But if you can't bring them back, maybe you could do a few new post remembering old favorite posts once in a while.



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