Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ibanez Talman Intermax TMX 20

I've been interested in Ibanez' Talman line since I discovered it - too late unfortunately, all models have been discontinued but the acoustic ones (I owe one and use it everyday), you might remember seeing some on Guitarz - here, here and here.

Now here is a quite beautiful and intriguing model I didn't know about until two days ago: the nylon strings solid body Talman TMX20 Intermax. To be honest I was never convinced by the sound of piezo pickups and for me it sounds nothing like a nylon string classical guitar, but it doesn't have to be a good copy to be an interesting guitar! If I add that a yellow quilted maple top is on the edge of noxious to me, you can get that to still be attracted to this guitar, it must really have something!

That's again the kind of guitars about which you find almost nothing online, but a few laudatory reviews and regrets to see it discontinued... I've ranted about this already, but it's such a pity to see most guitar players fall quasi-exclusively for copies of classic/vintage models, and prevent innovation and development in guitar industry - this Talman probably didn't sell enough to become a regular Ibanez model (who have great stuff, but also a lot of useless and ugly superstrats).

Bertram D

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  1. I have one of these beauties only mine seems to have a face because of the bookmatched top :)
    Here's you can find some extra info about the series:

  2. Do you know what the value of that guitar would be today?



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