Friday, 6 April 2012

Sexy in red 1965 Höfner Verithin 4574

Close your eyes if you don't like vintage german archtop guitars (I'd be sorry for you), here is another Höfner, a 1965 Verithin 4574 - it took me a while to identify it since the 4574 has been changing its features from one year to the next, and probably different versions coexisted, with different pickups, tremolos, knobs configurations, etc...

I shouldn't post about this guitar here because I strongly feel like bidding on it and should keep it discreet - but I'm not in a buying guitar phase, so it's better to give up already and offer it to you admiration...

Bertram D

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  1. G'day Bertram
    The guitar is indeed a 4574 from mid '63- to end '65. The pups are the giveaway. Where did the pic come from?


  2. wow, i have a similar one !!



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