Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Höfner Club gold top HCT-GC-GT

Put on your shades, here comes the glistering Höfner Club gold top HCT-GC-GT ! It is the current version (labelled 'Contemporary Series') of the classic Höfner Club model from the 1960s (we've seen one here some times ago) that was the first pro guitar of such musicians as John Lennon or David Gilmour (and many more), and with which it shares the vintage looking singlecoil 'bar pickups' (it's good to see non-standard pickups once in a while, isn't it?)(too many brackets!)

The new Höfner Club is a semi-hollow guitar with a central beam - the original model was completely hollow - and no sound-holes, with a set neck sporting the typical Höfner stripe fretboard inlays and nice floral pattern on the headstock. It has a classy classicism that probably inspired Duesenberg and that allows a finish like the 'gold top' to not be awfully vulgar.


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