Monday, 23 April 2012

Guild X-79 - a 1980s pointy guitar with black hologram sparkle finish

Guild are, I believe, another maker of fine American guitar that are all too often overlooked. Their guitars are of high quality and whilst often considered as reliable workhorses they did have some wilder moments too. Here we have a Guild X-79 in black hologram sparkle finish. This particular model did seem to be a candidate for OTT paintjobs, witness this example we looked at a couple of years ago. (I think I prefer the hologram sparkle version, although you would feel the need to form a glam rock band with a guitar like that!)

I do wonder about how practical that body shape is. Whilst I can believe it might hang well on a strap with that elongated upper horn, I don't think it'd fare too well ergonomically without much right forearm support. In fact, ergonomically, I think the design would work much better if it were flipped over, but then perhaps that might make it look too Explorer-derived?

This guitar is listed on eBay UK with a not unreasonable starting price of £595 and - currently - with no bids.

G L Wilson

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