Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Can you identify Gil's guitar?

Gil Tancock writes:


Just wondering if you can recognise this guitar I had it in the early sixties bought it second hand, not a Fender. It had a body like a 335 and a headstock like a Strat but for the life of me cannot remember what make it was.

Sorry not a very good picture.


Blimey. That's not a lot to go on (although it looks like someone has a Hofner in the background). Do you remember any other details? Did it have a vibrato? Was the neck glued-in or was it a bolt-on job? Did it have f-holes and what shape were they? For example, the Gibson Trini Lopez was 335-like with a 6-in-a-line headstock and with diagonal shaped soundholes, although from what I can see of the guitar in the photo, I don't think it is a Gibson. I don't think it's a Vox either, which could have been another contender.

Or - could it have been a Hagstrom guitar, similar to the Viking II that Elvis used in his 68 Comeback Special?

Anyone else? Answers and other thoughts on this in the comments, please.

G L Wilson

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