Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Westone Super Headless Bass #2

Steve Conner writes:

I was reading your Guitarz blog and came across a picture of a Westone Super Headless! I have one too, which I bought second-hand 2 years ago, in McCormack's Music in Glasgow. I couldn't resist the bird's eye maple finish. The frets were badly worn from the previous owner's slapping and popping, but it plays fine, and I used it for quite a few gigs with my old band.

I've attached a pic and would be very happy if you'd feature it.


Nice one, Steve. I think I prefer that finish to the red and black example we looked at before, as striking as that was.

I notice that this one has different pickups - they were more Jazz Bass-like on the red and black bass (X900TPR). Do you know if yours has a different model designation?

G L Wilson

ADDITIONAL - Steve replies:

Re your question, the Super Headless came in a few different versions:

The "FS" with single coil pickups and a choice of red or light oak finishes, and the "RC" with humbuckers and birdseye maple, which is the one I've got.

Mine is missing the cover plate with the Westone logo.


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