Saturday, 30 January 2010

Eddie Breen's Flying Frying Fingers Tele
This custom-built Telecaster-style guitar by luthier Al Reid features some quite surreal artwork by artist Eddie Breen. This is what he says about himself:
"Taking flea market and yard-sale paintings that I consider 'incomplete', I spiff 'em up by adding elements which will invigorate the works. Several years ago I toiled away in utter obscurity - yet - today I am perhaps one of the most prolific and well known painters today in the genre I call 'piggyback art'. I take standard themes of god, demons, ministers, nuns, aliens, flame people, skull ladies and sex, and tweak them. I've sold paintings to collectors all over the United States and Europe. Articles about my art have appeared in major US newspapers and magazines as well as internationally in Vogue Italia, The Guardian and Lufthansa in-flight magazine(weird!)."
He goes on to tell us that:
"I call it Frying Flying Fingers, or FFF for short, pronounced phhfffff. I always thought the sunburst style was kind of dull so I breened it into a supernova, and laced in burning, impossibly long fingers."
I'm with him there on sunburst finishes. They never did float my boat.

G L Wilson

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