Monday, 25 January 2010

Dean Flying V

dean V natural finish
Lately I started to work on a project that would likely require a Flying V style guitar (I do music-based performances for which the visual aspect is very important), and I was wondering what brand I should get since I can't afford an original Gibson model, and I wouldn't be happy with a mere copy - and it has to be a good player enough.

Also I've always felt that the Flying V has kind of perfect proportions: you can do variations on a strat or a Les Paul but any change on a Flying V would spoil it - that's the price of minimalism, the slightest detail matters...

So I've been looking around and scratching my head for a while, and I reached the conclusion that the Dean V is the only one that respects the Flying V while being very specific with its characteristic headstock that mirrors the body.

Then I found this pic (here) of a retrofitted Dean V with the coolest natural finish and I knew I was right, stripped down to the simplest, this guitar is at its best (I wish I could have found a photo of the guitar only, but it came with the lady, whose face I pixelated).

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