Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Vox Marauder


I was aware of the model name Vox Marauder but I don't think I've ever seen one before. Blimey, and I thought that the Telecaster was "slab-bodied"!

My guess is that this is another one of the Eko-built Voxes from the later 1960s. It certainly looks very Italian with all those controls including a row of push-buttons. As with many other Vox guitars of the same era, this guitar features built-in effects. Unfortunately, it seems that on this example the electrics need some attention - it shouldn't be too big a problem for someone who knows what they are doing.

It also appears to be missing the trem arm, and the cover for the switch on the upper horn. The square-edged single coil pickups look to be standard Vox issue, such as on the Vox Harlem that we looked at recently.

G L Wilson

EDIT: So much for my guesses, apparently this Vox was all British!

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  1. Hi there, I found one of these guitars in my dads attick but it doesn't seem to have the row of buttons. Is it worth anything or should I just take it to the charity shop (!

    1. The one with the effects was called Marauder Special; that without effects is just a Vox Marauder, its sound is more powerful

  2. These were only made in Dartford UK 1968......



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