Monday, 11 January 2010

500 Guitars - the latest

I have been told categorically by the publisher that the book does indeed carry my name, which is supported by this image (left) that I found on an Australian book distributors website here.

I'm not so sure about it being a "definitive A-Z guide", that sounds like pure marketing spin to me, but I'm not going to take issue with that.

Once again I'd like to point out that Sean Egan was erroneously credited as the author of this book on the Amazon listings through no fault of his own. Please see my apology below.

The listing does not currently show a price and says that this title is "currently unavailable". (I believe it is being released on the 20th of this month).

I am now going to delete my previous recent posts about the book and the whole debacle of who the credited author is, because I do not see any point in keeping such negative-toned material in the blog archive.

G L Wilson

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