Friday, 8 January 2010

Wilder Davoli plexiglass lapsteel

Wilder lapsteel plexiglass

Yes, Davoli like in Krundaal-Davoli, the company that issued Wandre's amazing guitars in the 60s. Wilder is an Italian music gear import company created by Davoli's son, usually distributing alternative brands like Eastwood or Trussart.

They also release a few instruments under Wilder's brand, such as this bizarre plexiglass lapsteel guitar. I'm very unfamiliar with this instrument (the only image of it I have is David Gilmour playing One of these days on the 80s-ish Pink Floyd tour I saw when young and fresh), but this one seems remarkable to me, maybe the high-tech impression of plexiglass is contradictory with the dusty image of blue-grass associated with the instrument...

(On the other hand, I'm a fan of electric hurdy-gurdy when used for jazz or experimental music!)

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