Friday, 15 January 2010

The Liquid Metal Guitar Co starts shipping the Hard Tail T with Seymour Duncan’s Custom Shop Designed Pickup Set

I'm not normally very keen to reproduce press releases sent to me by guitar companies but Liquid Metal Guitars are a small company with a really interesting product and are the sort of company that I like to support.

Here is their latest news:

The Liquid Metal Guitar Company has shipped the first lot of hard tail LMG “T” guitars with our new exclusive Seymour Duncan® Custom Shop pick up set.

"This is again, for us, was one of those wonderful serendipities where Seymour ended up with our guitar in his private shop” says Phil Cook. “He (Seymour) was intrigued by the warmth of the tone, by the sustain and note bloom and by the way we construct our guitars."

Still being the curious craftsman, that started making picks ups years ago, he set about designing a pick up set for our LMG "T" guitar just to see what he could do to make it better.

And better it is. The pickups he designed take full advantage of all the tone enhancing qualities our guitars have, while retaining the traditional sound coloring of this style of guitar.

The bridge ¼lb magnets wrapped to a strong 15k, that can perform exceptionally well at the level because of the proprietary way the guitar is built. It is not brittle at all, clean and clear.

The neck is a "Phat Cat™", but wound with a little more heat.

This set gives the player a great range to play with.

"For us it is fantastic to have someone of Seymour’s stature to work with," says Phil Cook.

Liquid Metal Guitars are precision-machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum, resulting in a clear, pure, ultra-sustaining tone and our hallmark stunning visuals.

Each line of guitars has a custom pick up set made exclusively for that guitar by some of the best boutique pickup men in the business – Seymour Duncan, T.V. Jones and Lindy Fralin.

LMG guitars are visually stunning. The company mandate is to finish the guitars in a process unique to metal, nothing that can be duplicated in wood or plastic is done. The offered finishes are: Chrome, 18k Gold, Harley Davidson baked on motorcycle paint or industrial machine markings.

The guitars are metal–machined, hard, cool metal - with soothing curves and sinful cuts, whose luminescence sizzles and shimmers as only metal can. LMG is a celebration of noise, cars and rock and roll.

The Liquid Metal Guitar Company is based in Vancouver, B.C.

For more information:
Contact Phil Cook

Seymour Duncan is a registered trademark and Phat Cat is a trademark of Seymour Duncan Pickups with which Liquid Guitars is not affiliated.
G L Wilson

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