Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Swirly Multi-Coloured Tele
Here's a Tele-style guitar which has had a multi-coloured swirl finish applied to it, similar to the swirls found on some Ibanez JEM series guitars. From what I can gather from the eBay listing, it's a "bits-o-caster" featuring a contoured T-style body, reverse banana headstock on a Warmoth neck, Steinberger machineheads and a pair of dual-rail pickups.

The seller claims that these swirl finishes are fragile. (Perhaps some of you guys from the JEM forums can confirm this?) To quote the listing:
"There is always a delicate bonding issue between the oil-based swirl colour paints and the synthetic lacquer used to seal it. If you knock it too hard, scratch it, leave it to get to cold for too long, it WILL crack or separate. It happens on the old Ibanezs as well. They do take looking after and careful handling. So, no big belt buckles and Pete Townshend antics!"
(Uh-oh! "Pete Townshend antics"... don't even go there! I opened up a whole can of worms with that discussion yesterday.)

G L Wilson

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