Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Get your sunglasses at the ready... ESP Mirage Deluxe M2

ESP Guitars do seem to feature on these pages more and more as I search for the weird and the wacky. I'm sure they've only got themselves to blame with their outrageous designs and demented finishes.

I used to play a pair of pink paisley Fenders, a Strat and a Tele, and I thought that they were - how shall we say? - rather eye-catching, but they were nothing compared to this visually loud ESP Mirage Deluxe M2 allegedly from the ESP Custom Shop in Japan and as played by Vernon Reid of Living Colour.

If you can live with the day-glo finish, underneath which lies a body of swamp ash, then it does look to be a very nicely crafted guitar, although with its EMG pickups and Floyd Rose-licensed trem it wouldn't be my first choice of guitar.

Of course, to the collector of ESP guitars (someone must collect them, surely?) this guitar would represent a must-have purchase.

G L Wilson

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, Its A Nice Guitar, Actually A Really Nice Guitar. In fact That Was My Guitar, And My Picture As well. Haha xD



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