Sunday, 17 January 2010

Misha's walnut-bodied guitar
I'm pleased that a number of readers are getting involved and sending their guitar pictures in, which means of course we have more than simply eBay to go on in our search for weird and wonderful guitars. Here's another email I received recently:

My name is Micha, and I'm from Belgrade Serbia.

I stumbled at your Guitarz blog couple of days ago, and I must say, I love it :D
Since you feature so many unique guitars, I was wondering if perhaps you can help me to determine which guitar I own :)

Please find images of guitar attached. [See above]

Now the story, I saw this body shape at one of the local gutar builders, and instantly fell in love with it (all those curves :)), and so he built me one.

Neck is also hand made Ibanez, with reversed headstock, so it's not from original model.

When I asked him what model of guitar it is, he couldn't tell me, only thing he told me, that this guitar is made by some small company in UK.

So if you now what make or model this guitar can be, I would be very thankful for any info :)

Guitar spec:

Body: Solid Walnut
Neck: Mapple with African rosewood (i thing)
Tuners: Schaller
Bridge: Schaller Floyd Rose
Pickup: Shadow eq 5 active humbucker
Controls: one push-pull (active/passive state) volume

Thanks in advance,


I think what Micha is asking (please forgive me if I misunderstand), is for the identity of the guitar that Misha's own guitar was modelled on.

Any ideas, anyone?

G L Wilson
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