Friday, 15 January 2010

Anyone got a spare V-shaped pickup lying around?

Here's another fantastic original design Japanese guitar to feast your eyes upon.

The seller of this vintage Greco Shrike in redburst from 1968 claims that his primary reason for listing it on eBay isn't to sell it (although he would be willing to do so if you wanted to shell out the readies) but to try to find a compatible pickup for the one that is so obviously missing, so allowing him to complete the resoration of this guitar.

However, I doubt that V-shaped pickups are too easy to come by. When did you last see one? (I expect that each pickup is composed of two coils. I can't imagine how the maker would be able to wind it otherwise). Possibly, the only way he's going to get a new pickup for this is to get one custom-made. But you never know...

If you can help, click through to the auction page and contact the seller.

G L Wilson

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