Monday, 11 January 2010

Spear RT-ST

I've been looking at some of the contemporary budget-priced instruments (other than the usual suspects) currently available and was quite impressed with some of the designs offered by Spear Guitars (which are available in the UK via

I was quite struck by some of the models in the TC series which feature bodies made of embossed luthite, a composite material. The silver and bronze models are particularly eye-catching.

However, the guitar pictured here, the Spear RT-ST, is a real head-turner. If you've been hankering after a Trussart Steelcaster but could never hope of raising the kind of money required to buy one, then the Spear RT-ST is the guitar for you. It doesn't have a steel body like the Trussart, but has a chambered American Alder body topped off with a steel plate so providing the necessary asthetics. Similarly the headstock has a similar inlaid steel plate. It's the kind of guitar that would look amazing under lights on stage, and should appeal to fans of Telecaster Deluxe and Custom models. More importantly, it is a mere fraction of the cost of a Trussart.

It is, however, very very shiny. If you require the "rusty" Trussart look, you may have to arrange this yourself!

G L Wilson

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