Monday, 31 January 2011

N.I.C.E. Telecaster with P90s

I'm a recent convert but I like more and more the good old Telecaster, not as a object of cult though, but as a the most basic guitar that calls for endless modifications, upgrades and experiments - as long as it respects its simplicity. I enjoy this version by Swiss luthier N.I.C.E. Guitars - called the Twangster - with its two chrome P90s and the middle chrome single coil - an interesting combination for the sound, on the top of its elegance. 

The shape of the pickguard is a nice variation on the original one with its curves and dynamic lines, and the art deco top of the switch adds a touch of chic that makes this guitar quite a looker. I'd be curious to hear the music its sounds might inspire!


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