Thursday, 6 January 2011

Beauty and Devil guitar (allegedly)
Here's a little piece of what this blog has been lacking recently. Some really dreadful guitars! I can't remember the last time I employed the "Hideous guitars" keyword label.

What can I say about this guitar? I mean, it's seriously crappy, isn't it? The shape looks cumbersome (it's hardly ergonomic!), the construction looks cheap and nasty, the design is crude, the location of the controls and output jack is bizarre.

Oh, surprise surprise, the seller is houstonbrass, purveyor of cheap and nasty musical crap. The eBay listing calls this guitar "Beauty and devil". Errrrmmm... well I can see it's supposed to vaguely resemble a reclining one-legged woman holding a skull against her hip. Whether or not she's a beauty is hard to say. The guitar certainly isn't!

G L Wilson

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