Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mitre Python ... info wanted
Here's an email about the above guitar:
Well, I bought this guitar in late 85, early 86 called the Mitre "Python". I remember a bass next to it called the "Mongoose". Both had active electronics. Mine were extremely funtional, coil splits, taps, etc. but it also had a built in overdrive that sounded pretty good. The only thing I didn't about the guitar was the paintjob. Low quality polish job, you could even slightly see a glue seam if you held it at the right angle to the light. I painted the guitar not long after owning it, and since I had it stripped, I did come relief carving on the upper back and front to make it more comfortable for my forearm. It was basically a slab. And I took out the electronics board, unsoldering everything without writing myself a schematic, so it went back together a passive guitar. I'd love to get a schematic, or someone who knows what he's doing to rewire it original. Other than that, it has Schaller pickups, and machine heads, Kahler tremelo, brass nut. I just finished repainting it for the third time, and here are the pics. notice 008 on neck, and body blank? I'm not sure if that means 8th guitar, or 8th python... I can't find out anything about them. I'd appreciate you keeping in touch and keeping me informed about anything you find out.

Thank you,
Over to you, guys. Any more info would be greatly appreciated.

G L Wilson

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  1. Oh dear and because of this pun i chose not to comment on the usual high quality of your miter saw

  2. That is a sweet looking guitar! I would sell my woodworking tool collection to get my hands on one of those.

  3. I just wanted to review this guitar as a testament to it's existance.I kinda wanted to let others know about it and l... Clayton E. Harley's review of Mitre Python.
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