Saturday, 15 January 2011

Get your kicks ... with the Route 66 guitar
An eBay seller (curiously, in the UK) has put this self-built Route 66 guitar up for grabs. The body is of sapele laminates, and has a Fender-style neck bolted on. Pickups are single coil-sized humbuckers, "Iron Gear Jailhouse Rails" by Axetec.

Yes, and I imagine you could play that song on it too!

G L Wilson

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  1. I know the guy who has a patent on any instrument shaped like the route 66 shield . He works with the route 66 billboard association to help promote tourism on route 66. He donates the profit on sales to that organization I feel like this guitar is in violation check out and There is a Loretta Lynn signature series route 66 guitar she is also involved in the project.

  2. I own the patent on shield shaped guitars the guitar is also my company logo stickers with necks etc etc are an infringement. Whoever is making this guitar this is your cease and desist notification. If you need proof of patent. I can provide documentation. please contact me at 931-626-7998 Thanks Jess McEntire

  3. I am the patent holder of the shield shaped guitar it is also my company logo any replication and or image or similarity there of is an infringement so whoever is making this guitar please contact me at 931-626-7998 . This is your cease and desist notification.....Prof of patent is available upon request.

  4. I believe it was a one-off self build, rather than a production instrument.



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