Friday, 28 January 2011

Rosetti Bass 7 by Egmond
Rosetti was, and still is, a distributor of musical instruments in the United Kingdom. This 1960s Rosetti Bass 7 bears their name, but was in fact made by Egmond in The Netherlands and is quite typical for that brand. Note how it features a pickguard with integrated pickups and controls screwed to the top of the body, like something you would find on some archtop hollowbodies - only the body here is just a slab with no routing - all the electrics are in the pickguard. It's a crudely constructed instrument, but then these weren't high-end instruments, despite being the guitars and basses that many players started out on.

Really, today's up and coming players have it so very easy with good quality, affordable and playable instruments!

G L Wilson

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