Monday, 24 January 2011

1968 Yamaha SGC2 in Day-Glo Orange
Regular readers will know already that I am a big fan of early Yamaha electric guitars. I think they are absolutely fantastic and some models were way ahead of their time in terms of design and ergonomics. This almost luminescent orange Yamaha SGC2 is from 1968 and has a body shape that complements its sibling guitars in the SGV series, although I doubt it is quite so ergonomic. The tremolo looks to be a cruder affair than the Jazzmaster-type found on other early Yamahas; it looks as if it might be styled after the now legendary Bigsby vibrato.

As I type this, the guitar is on eBay with about 45 minutes left to go and has been attracting a fair number of bids. I so wish that I could bid, but that might not be such a good idea right about now. The price is currently at $570. Let's see what it fetches (and I spent a LOT more than that for my SG-2).

Oh, and it's my birthday tomorrow if anyone is feeling particularly generous!

Thanks to Shubert, who brought this guitar to my attention.

G L Wilson

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