Friday, 21 January 2011

Ibanez Artstar AE-200

This Ibanez Artstar AE-200 is quite an intriguing guitar, about which I couldn't find much information - feel free to contribute if you know more... The acoustic/electric hybrid guitars are not exceptional nowadays but this one is from 1988! It has a piezo pickup under the bridge and a mini-humbucker in neck position, and you can balance the pickups from full bucky for a jazz tone to just acoustic with the piezo. I have no confirmation for this but the slits under the strings next to the bridge seem to be sound holes - strangely located then because we are more used to semi-hollow guitars with a central beam prolonging the neck... Definitely would like to know more - it's very interesting... 


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  1. CC Deville plays one on Poison’s performance on MTV Unplugged. I’ve been trying to figure out which guitar it was and your pictures help me solve it. It actually has a nice acoustic sound. I hope to find one.



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