Monday, 3 January 2011

10-string Santucci TrebleBass

OK, time to reactivate the too-many-strings war, with this 10-string Santucci TrebleBass that adds 4 bass strings in E A D G to 6 guitars strings in E A D G B E A - the standard bass and guitar tunings but with a gap between them (though I heard that some people tune it in C# F# B E A D G B E A) - all on one wide neck and with one scale (dunno how they do that). The TrebleBass can be played as a tapping guitar but also in regular style.

This is the kind of instrument that can easily be considered as a pure show-off tool, since it requires obviously the kind of virtuosity that often puts aside creativity and feelings - but for a few geniuses... One can wonder what kind of music you can play on this, so I add this video and the music is unsurprisingly some competitive muzak. But I still think that put in the right hands, this TrebleBass can be a terrific instrument and open new horizons - what would Frank Zappa have done with it? There are several instruments out there that didn't find their users yet, but after all, who was betting on the saxophone 150 years ago...

This reminds me of an anecdote: a few months ago I was at a colloquium about contemporary music, and there was this Italian composer making extremely complex computer music, and complaining that nowadays music (that means her music) was way ahead of human perception, implying than genetic manipulation should accelerate human evolution to allow us to perceive nanotonal variations... That was scary and reminded me how historical fascisms were rooted in aesthetic radicalism! Anyway the next composer presented a beautiful piece based of the transcription for a string orchestra of the effects of layered ring modulations, that was stunning and reconciled me right away with brainy experimental music.


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  1. Do you know what kind of wood was used in the Treblebass design? Which Japanese company manufactures this instrument?

  2. SSSOUND is the manufacturer for treblebass. Just got the 11 string and am trying to find out more about them.



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