Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2009 Schecter Stargazer

Guitarz reader Dillon has emailed to tell us about a couple of his guitars. Here is the first one:
The black one here is a Schecter Stargazer built in '09, which is from an American brand you've never featured on the blog. I picked up this guitar for cheap and it was well worth it. The thing that attracted me was the obvious Rickenbacker-inspired styling (especially that tailpiece, I'm surprised Schecter hasn't been sued for this one) and the variety of tones; both humbuckers can be split with push-pull tone knobs to make a lot of different of tones. The thing's really a workhorse to the core, it can cover a lot of styles of music with ease. I've never been a fan of completely black guitars but this guitar really caught my eye and I still love it. If anyone reading this gets a chance to play one of these, take it for a spin. These are a lot less popular than I feel they should be, it's a really solid guitar for the price and surprisingly comfortable.
It looks like a fine guitar indeed, and something that is a little bit different. I can see the Rickenbacker vibe. And have we really not looked at Schecter guitars before?

More tomorrow...

G L Wilson

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