Tuesday, 11 January 2011

1953 Guild X-375 Stratford

The Guild X-375 looks like a classic but it is quite a strange guitar: did you ever see a hollow body guitar with 3 P90s?

It was actually discontinued in the early 1960s when the times shifted from jazz to rock and loudness brought feedback issues, and such guitars were replaced by thinline semi-hollows... But now it became a very exciting vintage guitar. 

With the 3 pickups come 6 switches on a control plate à la Höfner - usually they are white and it looks better - proposing many pickups combinations, though why 6 are necessary I cannot tell!

Guild has been releasing a whole series of X models since the 1950s, and the X-375 (also called the Stratford for some reason) is the same as the X-350 but with a natural blonde finish (instead of sunburst), reserved to the best tops. And as usually, the Guild stoptail is a perfect piece of design! 


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