Monday, 10 January 2011

It couldn't be? Not another skull guitar? (Yawn...)
Wahey! Here's another hideous guitar, in fact it's not just hideous, it's a total cliché. It's a nameless guitar of dubious provenance from a eBay seller of other such nameless guitars. Skulls? Could this be any more unoriginal? (What is it about skulls on guitars? Can someone please explain?)

I'm not sure what the "thing" on the upper horn is supposed to be? A lizard? A dog skull? I think the other "thing" on the lower horn is supposed to be a ghoul of sorts and there's a ghost on the headstock. How spooky!

The wooden-topped pickups are wonkily screwed on, and - call me cynical if you will - to me this would be a hint that the workmanship might be a bit suspect.

I'm actually surprised that this has a starting price of $385 - that seems a bit steep for such a nameless guitar. Note also that the listing title is "Electric Guitar, Unique sculpture: Skull" - that also triggers warning alarms in my head. By calling it a "sculpture" could that suggest that this creation isn't actually playable? Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm just saying "Beware".

Personally I'd give it a wide berth.

G L Wilson

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