Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year and a vintage Dano Doubleneck!
Happy New Year to all our readers! And congratulations to ourselves for with this post we enter our 10th year of blogging! For this occasion I am showing you this vintage Danelectro doubleneck guitar and bass in copperburst finish, and the necks of which conveniently form a figurative 11 - very handy for the occasion!

Seeing as Danelectros were produced as strictly budget instruments using the cheapest of materials (with bodies of hardboard on a pine frame), the idea of a doubleneck instument does seem slightly incongruous. Note how both the guitar and bass necks are the same length. However, this is still a short-scale bass rather than ultra-short. Most short scale basses have the bridge mounted further into the body; here it is as far back as it will go. It's the neck that is shorter than usual.

This particular instrument was owned and played by George Worthmore who has regularly used it for the last 30 years with such artists as Rick Derringer and the Jack Cassidy Band.

G L Wilson

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